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Productivity safety and quality

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  • For productivity, quality and safety in the execution of the works, FRK together with the client provides a follow-up and technical coverage before the execution of all the works
  • Continuous communication of any detail that may affect the execution of the work, for example: hanging points, unloading areas, transportation areas, measurement and confirmation of measurements, etc
  • Before the execution of the works, a planning of the execution of the same is presented
  • Preparation of security measures
  • leaning of work areas
  • Protection and storage of units
  • Delimit with safety bands, work areas
  • FRK has qualified personnel trained in the execution procedures
  • Continuous training of personnel in aspects related to safety and procedures
  • Quality control of finishes, staff training
  • Personnel equipped with all the elements of individual protection necessary for the safe execution of the work
  • Equipment and assembly tools inspected and tested